Judge Schneider offers neutral services of all types, including mediation, arbitration, and special master work pursuant to Rule 53, Arizona (and Federal) Rules of Civil Procedure. He also testifies as an expert on a variety of litigation issues, such as the reasonableness of attorneys fees, settlement agreements, and attorney conduct. He is also available as a non-testifying consultant to provide a judicial perspective to complement and enhance your litigation strategy.

What to Expect in Mediation with Judge Schneider
Judge Schneider is a generally active mediator who challenges the parties’ assessments and attempts to have them understand the strengths and weaknesses of theirs and the opponents’ cases. Most of the time is spent in private caucus with the understanding that the conversations are not confidential. As a mediator, Judge Schneider does not hold joint sessions unless requested by all parties. Memoranda are to be exchanged, unless confidentiality is permitted by the mediator. The more information exchanged allows the parties to participate more intelligently. Parties should be open-minded and share an interest in achieving reasonable and sometimes creative settlements.


  • $500.00 per hour
  • No deposit required
  • No cancellation fee