I first met Judge Schneider about 30 years ago, soon after he started in private practice in Phoenix. I quickly learned and came to value his personal qualities—integrity, strong work ethic, intellect, a high energy level, and outstanding leadership ability. He has been, and remains, committed to both the traditional trial and to alternative dispute mechanisms, including arbitration, for dispute resolution. He was a leader on the court regarding mediation and settlement conferencing and has taught others, including this writer, about successful mediation techniques. I am convinced there is no more qualified lawyer or judge (present or past) to serve as a professional arbitrator.

– Hon. B. Michael Dann (Ret.), former Presiding Judge, Superior Court of Arizona, County of Maricopa

Judge Schneider is deliberative and a quick study of complex situations. He is an ideal arbitrator or mediator, especially in managing cases involving complex issues and difficult attorneys. He has mediated, by court attached processes, hundreds of cases during his distinguished career. He has also been responsible for many innovative rule changes relating to ADR, both on a local court basis as well as by way of his participation in the State Bar’s Civil Practice and Procedure Committee. He was one of the first judges to employ and promote settlement conferences among judges in Arizona.

—Hon. Robert D. Myers (Ret.), former Presiding Judge, Superior Court of Arizona, County of Maricopa

In my capacity as presiding civil judge, I recruited Judge Schneider as one of four judges to engage in a pilot project to conduct civil settlement conferences. I sensed his skills would be well-suited to mediation, and I wasn’t disappointed. He conducted hundreds of settlement conferences, and the project was so successful that it led to the adoption of first a local and later a statewide mandatory settlement conference rule.

—Judge Noel Fidel (Ret.), former Associate Presiding Judge of the Superior Court and Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One

Judge Schneider’s commitment to a career in public service, combined with his passion to bring about the changes that encourage a more thoughtful and open relationship between the courts and the people they serve, is inspiring. His leadership and optimism has touched too many lives to count, and makes him a role model for students today and tomorrow.

—Michelle Adams, Binghamton University Alumni Association Board of Directors

Judge Schneider’s expertise at mediation helped bring both sides to an agreement. He was extremely fair to the parties in his billing.

—Beth Hoffman, Attorney

My client was very impressed with Judge Schneider’s introductory remarks and the way in which he handled the mediation. From my perspective, I appreciated that he took time to explain his background and the way he approaches the mediation process. All of that seemed to help my client relax and prepare himself to approach the negotiations calmly and rationally. Judge Schneider’s preparation helped my client facilitate a settlement.

—James T. Braselton, Partner, Mariscal, Weeks, McIntyre & Friedlander, P.A.

I had the pleasure of serving on a jury for the first time in Judge Schneider’s courtroom. I was impressed by the educational component he built into the experience, taking the time to personally review the judicial process with lucidity and without a trace of condescension or weariness in conveying the familiar information. I enjoyed the clarity and thoroughness of the instruction; it was useful in giving the jurors an opportunity to understand and appreciate courtroom decorum and terminology. The preparation helped make our actions as a group unified, efficacious, and meaningful.

—Janice Alexandra Austin, Arizona State University College of Fine Arts

I have yet to meet anyone who can settle a case like Judge Schneider can!

—Michael Planet, Former Deputy Court Administrator, Superior Court Maricopa County

Judge Schneider helped each party focus on some complicated issues they had not previously addressed. And he did this in a gentle, nudging manner. I was particularly impressed with his calming assurances to my client.

—Stephen I. Dokken, Attorney